Horace Cummings recorded: 'Concerning the work for the dead (Joseph) said that in the resurrection those who had been worked for would fall at the feet of those who had done their work, kiss their feet, embrace their knees and manifest the most exquisite gratitude.' The Prophet added, 'We do not comprehend what a blessing to them these ordinances are.' (Joseph Smith , the Prophet, Truman Madsen, p. 99)

The following is from my journal Sunday February 16, 1997. Last week President Douglas Myers told of how his father, Garret Myers, went to Europe after WW II to gather genealogical data. He was head of the genealogical society for a number of years. He found that most of the parishes had been bombed in Germany and hence there were not many records. He was referred to a man who owned two houses side by side. His houses were filled with genealogical and historical information on German families. The one house especially was filled with papers. There was barely a pathway between the stacks. In the bathroom the papers were stacked from the toilet seats up to the roof. This man had been Adolph Hitler's genealogist. He was required to check out the genealogies of prospective German officers. They had to prove that for five generations back that there was no Jewish blood in their pedigrees. So Hitler's evil purpose turned to the Lord's advantage. The man's children had requested that he take all the papers and burn them after the war but he refused. They ask him to at least clean out one of the houses so he could live better. He refused again. It took the church 20 years to catalogue all of these papers.

by David J. Farr

The following is from my journal on Sunday January 17, 1988. Elder Loren Dunn spoke of his grandmother who had an experience in the spirit world where she felt very peaceful in death. When getting to the other side she was told she would have to go back because her mission was not over yet. She saw a number of people she had known in Scotland on the other side who asked that if she returned would she do their work for them so they can progress. She was spared but coming back into her body was very painful.

by David J. Farr



"This temple will be a standing witness that the power of God can stay the powers of evil in our midst. Many parents, in and out of the Church, are concerned about protection against a cascading avalanche of wickedness which threatens to engulf Christian principles. There is a power associated with the ordinances of heaven-even the power of godliness-which can and will thwart the forces of evil if we will be worthy of those sacred blessings. This community will be protected, our children will be safeguarded as we live the gospel, visit the temple, and live close to the Lord. (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 256)

"No work is more of a protection to this Church than temple work and the genealogical research which supports it. No work is more spiritually refining. No work we do gives us more power. No work requires a higher standard of righteousness..Our labors in the temple cover us with a shield and a protection, both individually and as a people." (Boyd Packer, 'The Holy Temple, p. 265)

"Men grow mighty under the results of the temple service, women grow strong under it; the community increases in power; until the devil has less influence than he ever had before." ( (John Widstoe, 'Temple Worship,' pg. 51)

"Whoever seeks to help those on the other side receives help in return in all the affairs of life. I can think of no better preparation for one's labor on the farm, in the office, wherever it may be, than to spend a few hours in the temple, to partake of its influence and to give oneself unselfishly for the benefit of those who have gone beyond the veil." (Widstoe, Improvement Era, October 1952, p. 719)

'Why is it that sometimes only one of a city or household receives the Gospel? It was made known to me that it is because the righteous dead who have received the Gospel in the spirit world are exercising themselves, and in answers to their prayers elders of the Church are sent to the homes of the their posterity.., and that descendant in the flesh is then privileged to do the work for his dead kindred. I want to say to you that it is with greater intensity that the hearts of the fathers and mothers in the spirit world are turned to their children now in the flesh that that our hearts are turned to them.' (Melvin J. Ballard, Crusader for Righteousness, p. 219)

'They know where their records are, and...the spirit and influence of your dead will guide those who are interested in finding these records ...If there is anywhere on the earth anything concerning them, you will find it If we have done our best and have searched and have discovered all that is available, then the day will come when God will open and part the veil, and the records..will be revealed.' (Bryant S. Hinckley, Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin J. Ballard, p. 230)

"I urge all of the people of this church to give serious attention to their family histories, to encourage their parents and grandparents to write their journals, and let no family go into eternity without having left their memoirs for their children, their grandchildren, and their posterity. This is a duty and a responsibility, and I urge every person to start the children out writing a personal history and journal." (Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, May 1978, p. 4)

The following experience is from S. Michael Wilcox's 'House of Glory,' p. 138 concerning his experience with his son in doing temple ordinance for their ancestors one day in the temple after his 12 year old son had been with him to the Family History Center where he had uncovered some of their ancestors on his own. In speaking of his experience while being confirmed for some of these ancestors he related the following: 'When the workers laid their hands on my head, I saw a picture in my mind. I saw you, Dad, standing alone. Then Mother came and stood by you and took your hand. Then Kirsten, Megan, Ben, Mckay, and I came and we stood with you. I saw Gandma and Grandpa come next and join us. Then people began to come from many different directions. I did not know who they were, but they came and stood with us and took our hands. They kept coming and coming until I could not see the end of them.'

Brigham Young in his letter to his wife, Mary Ann Young.

I am desposed to wright you a vision in this or som other letter <that> I shall send. it is concerning David W. Patten's minestry in the world whare he has gon. it gives my hart joy inexspersable.

I will now give you the vision [insertion from top of letter] <Sister Booth sayes she heard a voice saying she must goe to Paridice, then she was cared away in the vision.>

"I Ann Booth, Wife of Robert Booth of the Town of Manchster, England, had the following vision of the 12 day of march in the year of our Lord one thousand and forty <1840>. Being caried away in a vision to the Place of departed spirits I saw 12 Prisons, one abova nother, verry large, and builded of soled stone. on ariveing at the <dore of the> upermost Prision I behe[l]d one of the 12 apostles of the Lamb who had been martered in America, standing at the dore of the Prison holding a key in his hand with which he opned unlocked the dore and went in and I fol[low]ed him. he appeard to be of a large sise, thick set, darke hare, darke eyes, and eyebrows of a smiling count[e]nan[c]e, and on <his> had was a crown of gold or somthing brighter. he was dresed in a long, white robe, with the sleves plated from the sholder down to the hand. upon his brest ware fore [four] stares [stars] apparently like gold <or briter> and a golden girdle about his Loins. his feet was bare from above the Ancles down<w>ard and his hands were also bare. as he entred the prison heseemed to stand about 3 feet from the floor (which was of Marble) as if the place was not worthy for him to stand upon. a verry brilient and glorie<u>s light surounded him, while the res[t] of the prison was dark. but his light was peculiar to him self and did not reflect upon others who was in the prison who ware surounded with a gloom of darkness. on the right hand of the dore stood Jhon Wesley, who on seing the glories personage, rased his hands and shouted 'glory, honer, praise, and Power be ascribed unto God and the Lamb forever and ever. Deliverance has Com. the Apostle then commecd to preach the Baptism of repentence for the remision of sins and the gift of the Holy Gost by the laing of hands when the hundreds of prisners gave a shout with aloud voice saying 'Glory be to God for ever and ever'. the marble floor was then removed and a River of watter clere as Cristall seemed to f[l]ow in it place. the Apostle then called to John Wesley by name who came fawrd quickley and both went down in to [fold in paper worn, obscuring the text] and the Apostle Baptized him and coming up out of the water he lade his hands upon him for the gift of the Holy Gost, at the same time ordaining him to the Preasthood of Aaron. the Apostle then retired tothe place ware he first stod and John Wesley then proseded to Baptize a man by the [name] of Kilbham and next John Madison and Wm. Scott and John Tongue <who> ware Methodest Prachers with whome I had ben a quanted personly. the next he Baptized was my grand father Edmond Whitehead. the next was my unkel Johon [John] Whitehead and the next was my sister Elizabath Oland, the <next> was Joseph Lancashere. next Samuel Robinson Robinson and the next was my own Mother. all these had lived and died Methodest and I had had ben personly aquanted with them all. and after this he Baptized all the Prisoners amounting to menny hundreds. after they ware all Baptized, the Apostle Lade his hands on them all and confermed them. then instantly the Darkeness dispersed and they ware all surrounded and envellopd in a Brilint light, such as suround'd the Apostle at the first. and they all lifted up theyr voices with one accord giving glory to God for deliverence. My gra<n>d fatheer then came to me and Blest me saying 'the Lord bless [you] forever and ever. art thou com to see us deliverd? my mother then came to me and clasped me in hir arms and kissed me three times and said 'the Lord Almightly Bless the for ever and evere.' I then awoke out of my vision and felt so happy and rejoiced that I could not lay in bed. I awaked my husben. we got up. I then tooke the Bible [and] opened it to 3 different places: first to Isah 24, Chap. 22 v. the next was John C. 1, v.5. the third time I opned [the] bible was <first> Peater 3 C. 18, 19, 20 ver. not being aquanted with these texts of Cripture and opening to each of them provedencily, I was asstonished beyend measure. I would futher state that at the time I had the vission I had never hered of the deth of David Patten whome I have sence lerned was one of the twelve Apostles of the Later day saynts in America and was martered in the late percution in the fall of 1838. but in <the> vision I knew that it was an Apostle who had ben slane in America. I here by sollemly testfy that I actually saw and hered in the vision what I have related and I give my name and set my seal in witness to same, well know[ing] that I must stand before the Judment seet of Christ and ancer to this testmony, amen & amen. (Missionary Letters of Brigham Young to his wife; BYU Studies Vol 38 No. 22 1999; pgs. 178-81)

Footnote pg. 196 no. 83 'Ann Eastwood Booth (1793-?) And Robert Booth (1793-1846) were married in Manchester, England in 1817. They had joined the Church as the result of William Clayton's missionary work. See James B. Allen, Trials of Discipleship; 1987. Wilford Woodruff may have become aware of Booth's vision from Brigham Young thee day after Woodruff's arrival in Manchester, England. Woodruff was sufficiently impressed with the vision that he too copied Ann Booth's account in his journal on July 2, 1840. His entry for that day reads, 'I was informed of a remarkable vision of Sister Ann Booth which I have written on the following page.' the text of the vision, very similar to that found Young's letter, followed. Wilford Woodruff, Journal, July 2, 1840, LDS Church Archives.

A faithful missionary, temple worker and loyal church member, Frederick William Hurst, wrote in his journal the following:

'Along about the 1st of March 1893, I found myself alone in the dining room, all had gone to bed. I was sitting at the table when to my great surprize (sic) my elder brother Alfred walked in and sat down opposite me at the table and smiled. I said to him (he looked so natural): 'When did you arrive in Utah?'

'He said; 'I have just come from the Spirit World, this is not my body that you see, it is lying in the tomb. I want to tell you that when you were on your mission you told me many things about the Spirit World being as real and tangible as the earth. I could not believe you, but when I died and went there and saw for myself I realized that you had told the truth. I attended the Mormon meetings.' He raised his hand and said with much warmth: 'I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I believe in faith, and repentance and baptism for the remission of sins, but that is as far as I can go. I look to you to do the work for me in the temple. You are watched closely, every move you make is known there, and we were glad you came. We are all looking to you as our head in this great work. I want to tell you that there are a great many spirits who weep and mourn because they have relatives in the Church here who are careless and are doing nothing for them." (BYU Studies 33, no. 1 (1993), pgs. 41-2)


1. Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Pg. 164 - The Lord is in this work. He wants it to prosper. He wants us to be successful in our efforts. While living with my grandmother, Louise Ballif Benson, in Logan as a stu-dent, I knew she had been working very hard on her research. She kept referring to the fact the there was a gap that she couldn't fill and it worried her. She prayed about it fervently. One day she received a package addressed just "Benson Family, Utah". The package contained a printed book which had come from a man in Syracuse, New York, who had done research independently -- not as a member of the Church. You can imagine the joy that filled my grandmother's heart when she found that this not only filled the gap, but did much more than that. Her prayers had been answered. Yes, there are many ways to help get the job done. ("Eternal Memories," Tenth Annual Priesthood Genealogical Research Seminar, BYU, Provo, Utah 31 July 1975.)

2. Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Pg. 34 When I was a freshman at Utah State, living in the home of my grandmother, Louise Ballif Benson, who spent most of her time working on genealogical research and temple work, I remember coming home from a party about midnight. As I entered the door, I could hear someone speaking in Grandmother's room and I wondered who could be there at that time of the night. As I got closer and heard her voice, I realized that she was praying, thanking the Lord that He had extended her life for a few years after her husband had gone on so she could complete the family temple work. She also prayed that she might see the last of her thirteen children married in the temple. This had now been accomplished and she would now like to go to her husband if it was pleasing to the Lord.

3. Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Pg. 35-36 On the other side of the veil, the righteous are taught their duties preparatory to the time when they will return with the Son of Man to earth when He comes again, this time to judge every man according to his works. These righteous spirits are close by us. The are organized according to priesthood order in family organizations as we are here; only there they exist in a more perfect order. This was revealed to the Prophet Joseph. (Ernest L. Wilkinson Funeral Service, Salt Lake City, Utah 10 April 1978.)

4. Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Pg. 161 Much more must be done in our personal genealogical research. We have an obligation to do temple work for our kindred dead. This means that we will do the necessary research in order for the names of our progenitors to be sent to the temples. We have an individual responsibility to see that we are linked to our progenitors. ("Our Duty as Latter-day Saints" Springfield-Burke Virginia Chapel Dedication, 15 October 1982.)

5. The Faith of Our Pioneer Fathers, Pg. 217 "Promises Given in Blessings Find Fulfillment'

In a blessing given Brother Whitney by Abraham O. Smoot, it states:

"If need be, thou shalt commune with the spirits that have gone hence, and they shall visit and revisit thee.." Brother Whitney then relates how this promise was ful-filled: "Early on the morning of April 24, 1918 ..... while I lay on my pillow, half asleep, half awake, a pair of hands were laid upon my head. My first thought was that some-one was in the house who ought not to be, and that I must lie perfectly still in order to be safe. But the touch was so soft and gentle that all fear left me, and with my own hands I took hold of those resting upon my head. They were a woman's hands. Pre-sently I saw my wife, Zina, who had been dead for eighteen years. She was hovering over me. I held out my arms to her, and she came into them. It was all so real. I could not doubt that she was actually there, a Guardian angel, watching over her children and me."

"The Names of the Dead Miraculously Given" Pg..219

On the 17th of May, 1884, the Logan Temple was dedicated. The second day after the dedication, President John Taylor said that all members of the Church who were worthy, and who desired to go through the Temple, might do so the next day. Mrs. Ballard, Melvin's mother, relates the following: "My husband being a bishop was very busy writing out recommends to all who wished to go through the Temple, when my daughter, Ellen, came in and asked for her father. I told her that her father was busy and asked her to give me the newspaper, which she had in her hand, so that I might give it to him. She said, "No, the manwho gave the paper to me told me to give it to no one but Father." I let the child take the paper to her father, and when he looked it over, he was greatly surprised for he saw that the paper had been printed in Berkshire, England, his birthplace, and was only four days from the press. He was so amazed at such an incident that he called Ellen and asked here where the man was who had given her the paper. She said that she was playing on the sidewalk with other children when two men came down the street walking in the middle of the road. One of them called to her, saying, "Come here, little girl." She hesitated at first, for there were other little girls with her. Then he pointed to her and said, "you." She went out, and he gave her the paper and told her to give it to her father. This paper contained about sixty names of dead acquaintances of my husband, giving the dates of their birth and death. My husband was baptized for the men, and I for the women, and all of the work was done for them."

While Elder Ballard did not participate in this, he had a vivid recollection of the event as here related and he quoted it on several occasions. (Bryant S. Hinckley, Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin J. Ballard, p. 18)

Jedediah Grant Experience
Elder Rudger Clawson
Ann Boothe
Frederick W. Hurst