The first booklet is entitled, "Winslow Farr Jr. His Polygamous Wives". This booklet features an 83 page collection of biographical sketches of Winslow Farr Jr., his four plural wives.

The second booklet entitled "The Autograph Book Of Winslow Farr Jr." contains autographs and messages written by his fellow prisoners during their incarceration in the Utah Territorial Penitentiary.

The third booklet is a fascinating story and history of the Winslow family dating back to the middle ages. This booklet includes photographs of ancestral homes in England , photocopies and translation(s) of Medieval wills, and Croome Manor Court records.

The fourth booklet entitled "Grandpa was a Polygamist" contains copies of the Federal District Court Records of Winslow's Trial and conviction for "Unlawful Cohabitation" as well as excerpts from his diaries when he was a fugitive "on the run" from the U. S. Marshals.

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Winslow Farr Jr. His Polygamous Wives
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The Autograph Book of Winslow Farr Jr.
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Kenelm Winslow a Farr Progenitor
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Kenelm Winslow Pedigree Chart
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Grandpa was a Polygamist
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