Preliminary inventory of the journals and papers of Lorin Farr

received in the Historical Department, 21 February 1997 :

I. Summation and evaluation:

The volumes are travel journals and/or financial account books for Farr's later life, and contain no entries pertaining to church leadership matters, private family matters, or sacred church ordinances. The correspondence and other papers likewise contain nothing of a confidential nature, except for the items relative to the High Council case involving the Excelsior Mill, the Weber Stake High Council minutes in the trial of Bingham vs. Rilens and Campbell, and copies of a few patriarchal blessings given by Farr. See numbers 10, 11, and 12 in the inventory for further details.

II. Inventory:

1. Travel journal, 1894 Mar. 15-1897 Jan. 19. 1 v.:15 cm.

Record of Farr's travels by railroad, mostly on brief trips to California and the Mexican colonies, visiting family and friends. Entries for the fall of 1895 record his travel east to Chicago , and include account of Farr's visit with David H. Smith (son of Joseph Smith) at the Elgin , Illinois asylum. The volume also contains sundry memoranda, financial notations, and addresses.

2. Travel journal, 1899 Oct. 3-1904 Mar. 30. 1 v.: 15 cm.

Record of Farr's travels by railroad, mostly on trips to California and the Mexican colonies, visiting family and friends. Entries for the fall of 1899 record his travel to New York and New England , where he visited distant relatives, particularly in St. Johnsbury , Vermont . Farr mentions visiting John W. Young and Brigham Young, Jr., in New York , but gives no details, and records another visit to David H. Smith in Elgin , Illinois . Between April and June 1904, Farr traveled to Chicago , visited again with David H. Smith, and then journeyed to Atlanta , Georgia , to visit his daughter and her husband, Ben E. Rich. Farr also records his travels to Rexburg , Idaho in October 1900. Entries in March 1091 pertain to Farr's marriage to Clara McPheters.

3. Travel journal, 1903 Dec. 11-1906 Oct. 27. 1 v.: 16 cm.

Record of Farr's travels by railroad on trips to California and the Mexican colonies to visit family and friends. Includes sundry memoranda, notations, and addresses.

4. Financial daybook, 1879 Mar.-1881 Apr. 1 v.: 17 cm.

Personal financial memoranda recorded chronologically. Includes brief record of travel to the Salt River Valley with Moses Thatcher in August 1880.

5. Financial daybook, 1883 Feb.-1886 Feb. 1 v.: 16 cm.

Personal financial memoranda recorded chronologically. The volume was also used to record Farr's travel with Church leaders to a conference of the Sanpete Stake in November 1883, travel to California in March 1884 ad early 1885, travel to Denver in October 1884, and to Montana in September 1885. The volume also includes sundry memoranda and family genealogical notations.

6. Financial daybook, 1886 Jan.-1887 Mar. 1 v.: 17 cm.

Personal financial memoranda recorded chronologically. Farr also records visits to his mother. The volume also includes his travel record for a trip to California in February-March 1887 in company with John Henry Smith and two of Farr's daughters.

7. Financial account book, 1884-1908. 1 v.: 19 cm.

Personal financial accounts with individuals and others that are recorded alphabetically.

8. Financial ledger book, 1878-1908. 1 v.: 22 cm.

Business accounts with individuals and others. Includes an index. The back of the volume includes medicinal recipes.

9. Correspondence, 1881-1907. 26 items.

Significant letters include an 1881 letter from Moses Thatcher in Mexico City pertaining to missionary work in the Mexico Mission; three letters from John Henry Smith in England, 1883-1884, telling of missionary work in England and Germany; and an 1889 letter from D. H. Peery in Washington, D.C. relative to politics and Utah statehood; an 1899 letter from David H. Smith; a note from Mrs. Leland Stanford in 1896, an invitation from Joseph Fielding Smith to attend a family gathering in honor of Hyrum Smith in 1906, and an invitation from Simon Bamberger in 1908 to attend the opening of the Salt Lake and Ogden Railroad Company's line into Ogden. There are also several letters pertaining to Farr's relationship with the railroad companies, including Farr's copy of an 1885 letter to Leland Stanford in which Farr recites his past business associations with the Central Pacific Railroad.

10. Court papers, Randall vs. Farr, Pugsley, and Neal, 1873-1880. 17 items.

Documents pertaining to the civil and High Council cases over a lease for the Excelsior Woolen Factory in Ogden, involving Alfred and Charles F. Randall and Lorin Farr, Philip Pugsley, and William C. Neal.

11. Minutes of a trial before the High Council of Weber Stake of Zion, Thomas Bingham vs. William Rilens, Grant Campbell and Richard Campbell, 1860. 1 item.

Pertains to a controversy over timber.

12. Patriarchal blessings. 4 items.

Blessings given by Farr to John S. Kragt, Selvira Olsen, Ernest Britzell, and Simon Kuenzel.

13. Real estate papers, 1881-1901. 12 items.

Deeds and agreements relative to property matters.

14. Snow Flake mining papers 1870-1881. 4 items.

Deeds and papers pertaining to a mining claim in Big Cottonwood Canyon .

15. Ogden Water Works Company notices, 1902-1908. 16 items.

All are marked paid.

16. Tax receipts, 1903-1905 9 items

Ogden city tax papers.

17. Financial papers, 1876-1891. 12 items.

Includes receipts, promissory notes, invoices, and the certificate of registry for a bull. Several items pertain to tuition for Farr's children.

18. Miscellaneous papers. 24 items.

Includes printed invitation to the dedication services for the Salt Lake Temple, 24 April 1893; funeral program for Erastus Snow; printed remembrances for his late wives Sarah, Nancy and Mary; church-related postcards, sundry newspaper clippings and memoranda, and photograph of an unidentified infant.

19-23. Printed materials:

19. Constitution of the State of Deseret .

  1. First annual message of his Excellency, Governor Brigham Young, to the Legislative

Assembly of Utah Territory , 1851 Sept. 22.

  1. Governor's message to the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah , Fourteenth annual session, 1864 Dec 12.
  1. Report of A. P. Rockwood, supt. Of Zion 's Cooperative Fish Association, 1878 Jan 1, to the Utah Territorial Legislature.

23. The Book of Mormon, 1841.First European edition ( Liverpool ).