by Wilma S. Smith and Randall A. Smith

[1860 February ] Washington, Utah

  Winslow Farr Jr. helped his father in law, Robert D. Covington quarry sandstone and build a stone wall. In addition, Winslow drove cattle to mountain pastures, hauled seed cotton to the gin, helped bale cotton and plant trees. He also worked for others in exchange for cotton and molasses.

Monday Feb 27 I went after a load of wood for my father in law

Tuesday 28 I hunted cattle My dog killed a small wolf and helped to drive the cattle to the mountains I went with my family to Br Dibbles scenery of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram Also heard a recitation of Joseph's last speech to the Nauvoo Legion

Wednesday 29 I went with the company of Dibble and Holliday to Tonaquint 15 miles from Washington City, Utah where they held an exhibition of the scenery depicting the martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram Smith I played the violins during the showing We danced in the after part of the night

Thursday March 1 We returned home to Washington

Monday 5 th I helped to bail cotton quite windy bailed cotton all this week

Tuesday 13 In the fore noon we shelled corn in the afternoon I went to work on the road in Washington County Ut Worked the rest of n the road rained a little while I was there returned Saturday evening 9 pm

Sunday 18 I staid home and wrote a letter to my folks in Salt Lake City went in bathing

[April 1, 1860]

Together with my father in law started for Cedar City for flour quite windy camped at Grape Vine Spring quite an Indian camp here

Wednesday 4 We unloaded our molasses and cotton in the tithing office I left them till I start for Salt Lake City loaded up 12 bushel of potatoes 10 bushels of wheat 12 bushels of wheat in another place and took our wheat to the mill

Thursday 5 we started for Washington camped on Ash Creek very windy on Saturday the 7 th very windy we drove on through to Washington

Sunday 8 I went in bathing quite pleasant in the fore noon but very windy and stormy not very well today attended meeting

Wednesday 11 quite warm today our little boy was taken quite sick with a cold

Sunday 15 quite warm I went to meeting our little boy better

Monday April 23 We started for Salt Lake City we drove 16 miles an camped at Grape Vine Springs my wifes brother came with us turned out his horse and he got away from him and went home

Wednesday 25 we drove to Cedar City stayed all night at Br Woods

Thursday 26 we loaded 100 lbs of my cotton and 42 gallons of molasses at the tithing house

[Winslow, Emily Jane, and baby Winslow Robert continued their journey to Salt Lake City stopping to camp in Parowan, Beaver, Wild Cat Canyon, Long Canyon and Meadow Creek]

[There is a gap in the diaries from May 2, 1860 until September 25, 1860 which contains one entry].

[There is another gap in the diaries from September 25, 1860 until January 21, 1861]

September Tuesday 25 I together with 3 others killed two cubs of a bear and wounded the mother it was just before daylight in the morning we were very well prepared for the attack each of us had a rifle and a revolve a piece we had a wagon and box to prevent the old one from hurting us as she was very ferocious and mad the cubs weighed 40 lbs a piece and were fat and tender

[No location is given for this incident]

[Winslow and his family, were called to move to Cache Valley, Utah to help establish a new Mormon settlement. We believe this was in 1860]

Winslow, Emily Jane and family resided on a farm in Mendon Cache Valley, Utah until January 1861. The family then sold the farm and moved on to Paradise, Utah.

[No date of entry] Our first child Winslow Robert was born February 3, 1860 at 2 o'clock PM Washington County Utah Our little boy Winslow Robert died on the 15 July 1861 in Paradise Cache County Utah with a disease of the lungs after two months sickness

Emily Olive the daughter of Winslow and Emily Farr was born February 15, 1862 Paradis Cache County State of Deseret on Saturday 11 o'clock PM I sold out my farm Mendon Cache Valley and moved to Paradise on May 1[1861] and commenced me a new farm raised 150 bushels of wheat

[Paradise Cache County 1861]

I was voted on the fence committee shortly after I came there I was appointed school house committee or one of them on the 3 rd of March I was elected constable for Paradise and so far as I know I have tried to do my duty I am well respected in this place at present

[Paradise Cache County 1862]

I have been very busy this winter/1862 in logging and building sheds and stables and corrals Very long and hard winter and late spring stock looks poor I expected to sent one yolk of cattle to the states this season to help the poor and I did so

Winslow Farr Jr Diaries