by Wilma S. Smith and Randall A. Smith

Claudia Keyworth [Smith] (Great great granddaughter of Winslow Farr Jr. and Emily Jane Covington Farr) and her husband Jon Kimball Keyworth were recently introduced to the head of the Archives and Special collections at Brigham Young University. He graciously gave Claudia and Jon a tour of the new state of the art building recently built to to house the the Manuscripts, documents and Special Collections of the The Harold B. Lee library at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He opened the file and gave Claudia and Jon the opportunity to view Winslow Far Jr. original diaries as well as letters, photographs that were collected and donated to the library in 1976 by Wilma Harris Smith (great granddaughter of Winslow Farr Jr.) and her mother Mabel Farr Decker. All of the various cousins and family members who donated these materials are named in this record. Any descendants of Winslow Farr Jr. will be given access to view the list of these materials. You must attend the archives to review the actual diaries and other documents in the file.

In the Spring of 1868 Winslow Farr Jr. was called by the Church to serve a mission in Great Britain. Winslow's first missionary journal from the spring of 1868 to April of 1869 is missing. His second missionary journal begins with the date of March 18, 1869 and concludes on June 5, 1870.

The following selected excerpts are from Winslow Jr.'s Missionary Diary beginning September 28, 1869 using his own words and spelling.

[September 28, 1869] Took train for Pixton where there is a branch of the Saints Br Carrington Lake and I had dinner with Br Rawson we then came up to the station to go to Mansfield we went to a meeting President Carrington called on me to speak to the people we had a good time together I staid all night at Br Hanfords

[September 29] fine morning we went over to Br Burton to breakfast Br Hanford made us all a present of two pair of socks each we went to a factory to be weighed and see the machinery I weighed 210 lbs we took train for Nottingham eat dinner at the conference house we took cab for the station and took train for London by the Great Northern Railway arrived safe at the King Cross station met with Br Shurtliffe took cab for the conference house on 20 Bishop Grove Balls Pond Road London met with some of the Brethern from the Valley staid all night at the conference house

[September 30] very fine morning in London went out with Br Howard Spencer to walk: after dinner Br Carrington Shurtliffe and Spencer and myself took bus for St Pauls Church we paid J and 2 to go through and up to the tower we went up to the clock and I help to turn the crank to wind it up it takes one hour out of 24 to wind it up we saw the bell which weighs 11-474 lbs it is 10 ft in diameter 10 inches thick clapper weighs 180 lbs tower is 404 ft from the ground we had a birdseye view of the city of London we then went down into the crypt and see the Duke of Wellington tomb and the cart his body was carried on at his funeral the wheels was cast out of guns that he took from his enemies see the tomb of Lord Nelson and many others the Duke of Wellington is buried in 4 coffins the inside one is made of pine next of lead third of oak 4 of mahogany it is then laid in a solid stone box we walked to the station and had an underground railway ride it rained quite hard staid at the Conference House

[October 1] foggy I received a letter from Mary Covington my wifes sister at Dixie Utah Br Carrington Shurtliffe Spencer and myself went to see the Kensington Musium it was a grand sight went through Hyde Park and St James Park and the House of Lords and Commons it is a very nice building also see London Bridge had boat ride on the river Thames had an underground ride on the train arrived at the Conference house tired and hungry

[October 2] quite foggy Br Knoulden Lake Spencer Nebker and myself went up to the zoological gardens and see a great variety of animals reptiles birds hippotamus rhinoceros and giraffe was the most attractive came back to the Conference house

[October 3] foggy we went to meeting at Barnes agricultural hall with 19 of our Elders from the Valley Brs Carrington Shurtliffe Lake Dewey Knoulden Spencer Price Shumway Eldrige Burton Garrett Tudenham Shipp Curtiss Nebeker Homer and myself Br Carrington spoke to us a short time he then called on me to occupy a short time which I bore my testimony to the truth of Mormonism to about 1000 thousand people saints and outsiders several of the Brethern bore their testimony we all eat dinner at Br Ferguson staid at the Conference

[October 4] very foggy several of the Brethern and myself went to Crystal Palace made out of glass beautiful ornamented with fountains and evergreens growing inside the building also ancient curiositys and statuary see a beautiful silk weaving machine which wove flowers and verses in a ribbon see some circus performers Professor Blondin walked the tight rope and carried his wife on his back about 20 ft from the floor see some magnificent fire works outside

Winslow Farr Jr Diaries