by Wilma S. Smith and Randall A. Smith

Our excerpts selected from the Diaries of Winslow Farr Jr., as printed in Chapter 10 of Winslow Farr Sr. newsletter, reveal a brief description of Winslow and his companion missionary, Moroni Ensign's journey by ferryboat steamer to Belfast, Ireland.

[ April 15, 1869 ] Br Ensign and myself left Fleetwood (England) by the steamer Prince Patrick for Belfast at half past 8:00 Am . We went steerage passage very rough weather on the way cost us 5 shillings .

On April 22 they traveled by train to Dublin Ireland. On April 30, 1869 Winslow Jr. and brother Ensign set sail from Dublin, Ireland bound for Liverpool, England.

[April 30, 1869] We set sail a little after one o'clock PM on the paddle steamer Trafalgar had very rough sea Br Ensign was sea sick we hired a birth 2x6 feet got into Liverpool about 2'o'clock in the morning but did not go ashore until half past 6:00 AM

Winslow and brother Ensign's ferryboat journey from Ireland to England took more then 9 hours. Imagine traveling from Ireland to England today on a paddle wheel steamer across the turbulent North Sea to Liverpool , England. I imagine they used the extra hours on board ship to recover from seasickness.

In contrast, in September of 1998, my daughter Claudia and I traveled on a super modern Stena Line ferryboat from Holyhead, Wales to Dun Laoghaire, (A deep water port a few miles south of Dublin), Ireland. Our pleasant trip on this super luxury smooth riding ship carried 1600 passengers and 375 cars and took a little more than one and a half hours. The Ship had comfortable seating with large windows that gave a wide vista of the sea. The on board facilities included an interesting gift shop, a bureau for money exchange, video arcade, children's play area, Ben and Jerry's Ice cream bar, O Brien's sandwich bar and a beautiful dinning room where Claudia and I enjoyed a delicious lunch of broiled Salmon, vegetables and fresh baked brown bread. Upon arrival we rented a car at the Dublin airport.

Claudia handled all of the driving (on the wrong side of the road for American drivers) We toured all of Northern Ireland. Upon our return to Dublin, Claudia drove the car to the ferryboat landing where the auto companies had a garage for rental car returns. We boarded the ship for a pleasant ferryboat ride to Holyhead, Wales; thereafter we boarded an express train for London.

Winslow's missionary travels to various cities and towns were often by train or bus; however according to Winslow's journal it was not unusual for he and his companion to walk distance of 3 to 20 miles between small country villages.

Entries in Winslow's diaries are brief and taciturn. He exhibited rare emotional responses to his daily activities. His writings reminds us of TV's detective Sgt. Friday's "Just give me the facts mam"; however, on occasion his observations give us a glimpse into how he felt at the moment.

His diaries and a few surviving letters are a special gift to his descendants because they reflect his personality, love for his family, including his dedication to his religious beliefs.

[ May 2, 1869 ] Sunday fine day we went to :Liverpool to meeting bore my testimony to the truth of the gospel eat dinner at Br Mooves we went over to Birkenhead addressed the Saints

[ May 3, 1869 ] damp morning wrote some in my journal and wrote to my wife rained quite heavy Br Ensign and myself went up to Br Lemmons eat supper Come back to Bootle

[ May 4, 1869 ] quite cool wrote to Mary Covington (his first wife Emily Jane's sister) Went out for a walk wrote some in my journal Br. Glossop is here and expect to start for Utah tomorrow he came the same time as I did but did not enjoy the spirit of his mission and wished to be released we went up to 42 Islington eat supper at Br Chadwicks came back to Bootle

[ May 11, 1869 ] fine morning left St Helens Br Sm came out aways with me today is my birthday 32 years of age

[ May 13, 1869 ] fine morning Came over to Orrell eat dinner at Br Baldwin after dinner went with him down in a coal pit went up where the men were working the shaft is 75 feet deep then runs with a short down They keep a donkey to pull the trucks of coal came out of the pit and walked to Br. Berrys

[ May 15, 1869 ] left church for Bolton on foot eat dinner at John Colliers Took bus for Manchester arrived at 3 o'clock found quite a number fo the Bretheren went with Br George Lake from Ogden who was called up at last Salt Lake City Conference said my folks were all well Br. Ferrin and myself went out to Br. Snave at Cheetham Hill and staid all night Went to a tea party had a good time

[ May 17, 1869 ] went with some of the Bretheren to railway station came back to the Conference House 4 of the Bretheren and myself went to see the siamese twins and the giant Miss Swan 7"11" tall we then took bus for the Bellvue Gardens six pence to go in it is beautiful place a large collection of animals and fowls nice panted scenery and dance hall and good music and fireworks in the evening which was grand

[ May 23, 1869 ] we attended Conference with Elders from Utah had a good time most of the Elders spoke I had the priveledge of addressing the Saints we had a gentile reporter that took the minutes of the meeting it was printed in the papers the next day

[ May 24, 1869 ] I with the Brethren went up to the botanic garden a very nice site came back to the conference and eat dinner and then took train for Manchester and staid all night at the conference house.

[ May 25, 1869 ] Quite rainy Wrote some in my journal Br Ferrin went with me to the station I took the train for Bolton Arrived safe I then walked over to Darwin stopped at Bull Hill with Br Briggs met with Bro Ensign he had been very sick but he is now able to stand

[ May 27, 1869 ] quite windy went aways with Br Ensign I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach came down in town and visited the saints staid all night with Br Knowles

[ May 28, 1869 ] fine morning feel better wrote some in my journal and played for a time on the Harmonium visited the saints staid all night at Br Knowles

We know that Winslow played the violin (sometimes he called it the fiddle); however, we never knew that he played other musical instruments especially the Harmonium (see picture below)

Winslow Farr Jr Diaries