by Wilma S. Smith and Randall A. Smith

In the spring of 1868 Winslow Farr Jr. was called by the church to serve a mission in Great Britain. Winslow's first missionary journal from the spring of 1868 to April 1869 is missing. His second missionary diary begins with the date of March 18, 1869 and concludes on th date of May 28, 1869.

Winslow arrived in Liverpool, England July 31, 1868. He was appointed to labor as a traveling elder with President Moroni Ensign as his companion.

The following excerpts from Winslow's diary records events the few days before he and brother Ensign journeyed to Belfast and Dublin, Ireland. This is followed with a diary description of their travels in Ireland

[ April 11, 1869 ] Sunday went to meeting at Liverpool Bore my testimony went with Br Ensign up to Br McLeerys to dinner afterwards went up to the Botanic gardens had a look around and came to an open place and held a meeting in the open air I read some in the Bible Br Ensign made a prayer I opened the ball on the first principles of the gospel then Br. Ensign spoke for some length after we got through some men shouted and asked how many wives did Brigham Young have we want to know that before you go any further (unfortunately Winslow does not record how they handled this question)

[ April 12] very fine morning wrote in my journal went down with Br Ensign to the sea and had a good bathe came back and wrote to my wife and went for a walk around the docks to see the shipping.

[ April 13 ] very fine morning went out for a walk got very bad cold went up to Liverpool called to see our photographs was pleased with them they were not quite ready Br Ensign went to get his boot mended I went up to 42 Islington (church offices) came home in the evening to Bottle

[ April 15 ] Cold not much better went out for a walk to the railway station wrote some in my journal Br Ensign and myself went down to the exchange station to take train for Fleetwood left Fleetwood by the steamer Prince Patrick for Belfast at half past eight a.m. We went steerage passage very rough weather on the way cost us 5 shillings

[ April 16 ] we landed and went up to Br John Reid at 15 Christopher street at Belfast met with Br Reid he received us very kindly we ate dinner with him and we went out for a walk Br Reid took us around the principle streets in Belfast see some very fine buildings and had walk around the docks rained quite hard bought me an umbrella for 4 shillings stayed all night at Br Allens very comfortable

[ April 17 ] fine morning after breakfast Br Ensign and myself and Br Allen and son all went to Cave Hill and had a view of Belfast and the entrance from the bay the hill takes its name from a cave in the hill we came across the fields and hills and see some linen plantworks we stayed all night at Br. Allens

[ April 18 ] fine morning went out for walk came back from meeting address the saints a short time not a very large branch here after meeting went for walk held meeting in the open air and preached to people as they passed by Had very good meeting Came back to Br Reids eat supper stayed all night at Br Allen

[ April 20 ] fine morning Br Allen got my boots mended and made me a present of a pair of socks and a linen pocket handkerchief after dinner Br Ensign and myself and Br Allen went up to the hills had another view of Belfast and a distant view of lake Neigh 24 miles long 12 miles wide it is a splendid scenery to look at also see Londerry Tower in the distance this is in the North of Ireland I like this portion of Ireland very well

[ April 21 ] Thomas Allen and myself went down in the city and called at the railway station to see what time we could get a train for Dublin visited some linen works which are very nice after dinner we had a ride on an Irish jaunting car and visited the old Parks Prince Works of linen went through all the various departments which was very interesting it prints 60 yards per minute 6 different colors stamped by copper rollers revolving pocket handkerchief is printed by hand with wooden blocks and copper dies in them met with the Saints in the evening had very good meeting

[ April 22 ] we took train from Belfast to Dublin at half past 10 the Bretheren went down with us to the train station we past through some very rough country farmed by poor people soil not very rich aslo see some very nice scenery It rained very hard during the day we arrived at Dublin at 20 to 5 in the evening we called at 116 upper Dorset street at Br Browns he was not in we got a card for the daily hotel on wine tavern street we called for supper after that was over the Bretheren came in to see us we soon got aquainted stayed at the hotel

[ April 24 ] fine morning Br Ensign and myself went up on the Lord Nelson pillar 134 feet in hight 168 steps winding stairs and had a birds eye view of Dublin the capital of Ireland 300,000 population also a distant view of Dublin Bay and surrounding hills also we went to see the American Prize lady 19 years of age weighs 564 pounds eat supper at Br Hughes we went in the evening to Mr. Henhler Circus it was splendid the best I ever saw I enjoyed myself well stayed at the hotel

[ April 26 ] fine day Br Ensign and myself went up to Glassniven cemetery it is the most beautiful Burial place that I ever saw

[ April 27 ] fine day Br E and myself went out to Pheonix Park for walk see great many deer came back and ate dinner at Br Hughes held meeting in the evening at Br Hughes I addressed the Saints for short time stayed at Dalys hotel

[ April 28 ] quite windy went out for a walk to the North Strand inquired at the ticket office what time a steamer would sail for Liverpool

[ April 30 ] Sister Hughes came with us as far as the boat we set sail a little after one o'clock P.M. on the Paddle Steamer Trafaljar had very rough sea Br Ensign was sea sick we hired a birth 2 x 6 feet got into Liverpool about 2 o'clock in the morning but did not go ashore till half past 6 came up to Bottle eat breakfast went out for a walk wrote in my journal received a letter from my wife we then went up to 42 Islington to see the Bretheren and got our likeness eat supper at Br Chadwick came home to Bottle

Winslow Farr Jr Diaries