Reader's Comments

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that yesterday Craig and I drove down to the BYU Bookstore and purchased 5 of the books for us and our kids. I couldn't find it at Deseret Book. I want to tell you Dave that the book is first rate. It is a marvelous piece of work! I haven't read it yet but I have skimmed through it. I can't wait to read it. We commend and congratulate your for this wonderful work. I had a thrill go up my spine when I saw the book on the shelf with my great great grandfather's picture on it! What a tribute to our stalwart, faithful Farr ancestors. You have truly honored them and I'm sure they are pleased as well. They had unwavering faith and were righteous followers of the Master. I'm so happy that my posterity now have a book to read about these humble, hard working, prestigious ancestors .We truly come through a noble heritage .We will cherish it forever. I'm sorry to say that we won't be able to come down to the book signing as we are leaving for St George on Thursday. I wish we could. I'll just have to get you to sign ours at the next meeting in Oct. Thank you a million for your time and dedication in such a masterpiece. You make us all proud!
Pam Bott

Hi Dave,
Congratulations! I'm thrilled the book is out. We are taking our son & daughter up to BYU and will probably be in Provo next Friday. We'd like to purchase 4 copies. Looking forward to reading the book! Thank you, thank you for your many efforts over the years.
Mary Lee Call

Dear David,
Words cannot express how grateful we are you to take this massive undertaking! We have been gone and didn't get this until now. We would LOVE to have a book signed by you and Susan Easton Black! Can this be possible any way? We appreciate you, we know it has taken several years of you life and have done so very much for our family. Thank you for your dedication and good work. We certainly look forward in reading this Book about Lorin FARR.
With ALL our LOVE! Milton and Marilyn FARR

Dear Dave,
I just received the Lorin Farr books I ordered in the mail. I am just thrilled! The book is beautifulCbeautiful to look at, beautiful to read, and full of wonderful, wonderful information. THANK YOU!!!
Sharon Jeppsen

HI! Good luck on the 'book signing.' I just bought my copy at Deseret Book in Midvale. I was told they had a few books. Haven't had a chance to look thru it, but I will! Thanks soooo much for your hard dedicated work on this project. Makes it nice for all of us to understand just how much we owe our ancestors. I have Cub Scouts next week and the monthly theme is Railroads, etc. Guess who will get a little help from me? Can hardly wait to do 'show and tell.' Have a great trip.

Dear Dave,
Congratulations on the book and signing and all. Renee and I couldn't make it to the signing but we have bought our books. She bought 5 and I bought 3. Maybe you will sign them for us at our November meeting. It is a beautiful book. I am reading it and I am about 3/4 of the way through. It is wonderful. You did a masterful job.. We are so proud and thankful for you.
My best, Karen Gall

I bought the Lorin Farr book today and talked to the Bountiful Book store owner in our area. When i asked for the book, she said it is a very good book. She said she read it all in one afternoon and she would recommend it. She only had two copies and both of them are sold and she said she order more.
Betty (Elizabeth) Farr

I am happy to report that I finally have six of the new Lorin Farr books at my home and will be getting them to my children and others this week. After placing an order through Deseret Book online some weeks ago (which stayed in "Backorder") I was up in Ogden (9/14) and was determined to go to the bookstore there to get my copies - they were O-U-T! A helpful salesperson tried the Layton store for me and they were O-U-T. Then he did find some in SLC which is where we were able to purchase them finally! He mentioned that the Ogden store had 50 more copies on order and expected in.

I can only say that the book is beautiful - thank you so much for undertaking this project and putting so much of your time and talent into it. It will be a great and treasured gift to the Farr Family.
With gratitude,
Connie & Ralph Pugmire

Dear David, Amy, and Susan,
I thought because David was my dear cousin, I would glance at his new book. I didn't know I would enjoy the book so much. I love the cover. I can see, even though it is in black and white, that Lorin had beautiful blue eyes and was a very handsome man. I love the pictures all thru the book. It makes the reading very real. It is incredible that you have so many pictures. The pictures of the wives make their stories real. It makes me wonder how you were able to find so many, when pictures were so scarce in those days. I love the stories. I love reading about life in Vermont. The conversion stories are wonderful. So many stories that make life in that time real. I can picture Lorin sleeping on the floor beside the bed of Joseph and Emma. I am just starting to read about the life of each wife. I am anxious to learn about their daily life, to see what it is like to share a man with 5 other women. I don't think I could do it. Thanks for working so hard to make it such a great book. David, thanks for sharing your book with us. Milt is also reading the book. He says that the portions he has read are excellent summaries of the life of a great leader and conscientious latter-day saint. This is a valuable work which pays tribute to the faith and accomplishments of this first generation latter-day saint.
Love, Sharon and Milt.

I just need to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the new Lorin Farr book – way more than I expected to. I’ve been getting up early each morning and I can’t put the book down. I have learned a lot about the history of Ogden I never knew. I thought the chapters on Polygamy were excellent and helped answer some questions I have had for years. The way the book is arranged is excellent. There is an attention grabbing paragraph to start each chapter and it really makes you get into it. Amy’s treatment of our ancestors and the history surrounding them is done in a thoughtful and entertaining style. Thanks again for your diligence over the years in seeing this book come to fruition, Dave and to all those who helped you.
Bruce Lloyd