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This was an eventful summer indeed for the Winslow Farr Sr. Family Organization. We have had a number of opportunities to advance our knowledge, communicate our message and deepen our understanding of our great family heritage.

We held our three-year reunion, planned long ago, on August 1st-2nd, 2003. We enjoyed renewing acquaintances and instructing one another in our heritage.

We experienced three other events which were unique to this year's family reunion:

1. We replaced the weathered and worn Winslow Farr Sr. Family Monument in the Salt Lake City Cemetery with a beautiful new monument and headstone. Click on monument in our web site menu to view narrative and pictures of this historic accomplishment.

2. We were asked to present at the BYU Family Genealogical Conference. For some time Winslow Farr Sr. Family Organization has sought the opportunity to make a presentation at the Conference, which is held at the BYU Conference Center usually the same week of our reunions. We were fortunate this year to be granted an afternoon time slot, on July 31st, the day before our monument dedication and family temple session. Upon learning of our opportunity, I asked Tim Farr to accompany me in presenting the 90-minute seminar class. He did an outstanding power-point presentation - in fact he received an ovation. That is the first time I have ever heard that kind of enthusiastic response in a genealogy conference . Tim shared his research efforts and his spiritual experiences in moving the work forward. He emphasized that he felt his research efforts had been enhanced by belonging to our organization. That was the main point of our presentation - the value of working together as a family towards goals. Being the new kids on the block, we were given a smaller room and felt good about filling it. I gave and overhead presentation, showing each of our officers/trustees and explaining their duties and significance to our organization. I also presented some powerful statements by the prophets that can also be found on our website under 'Family History Quotes.' This opportunity, while wonderful, added to our already busy schedule and at times in June, July and August I met myself going and coming, wondering how I got into all this! I felt at times my ambition to get it all done exceeded the energy available. But it was a wonderful summer of experiencing 'the Spirit of Elijah.'

The presentation at BYU required Tim and I to prepare a syllabus. It made me appreciate what a college professor goes through in preparing to teach a class. It is a lot of work!

3. While in the midst of this preparation, we received a collection of Farr historical documents that greatly excited us. Extra time was needed to do a scan of some of the more interesting ones and prepare them for sharing with family at the reunion. You can also read, see and order the documents on this website. When you order copies, you will feel like you are holding significant family and church history in your hands.

All of these opportunities came together at once and put me on a course of doing nothing but family history for 5 or 6 weeks. It was like being on a mission and felt very exciting.

To top it all off, just before the reunion, Pat and I went to Palmyra and Kirtland on a wonderful tour of church history sites. We had never done this before, and when the opportunity came felt we took advantage of it and were certainly rewarded for so doing.

Meanwhile, family members were diligently working to make our reunion a success. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Jagger Farr Lawrence for serving as our reunion chairman. He made sure all the details were carried out for our August 1st and 2nd reunion. Joe Reimann did a marvelous job making sure the monument was completed and in place for the dedication. He also arranged our temple service for our family. You can read about Joe's efforts on the monument on this website.

We enjoyed a wonderful temple session with Elder Richard Scott, President Sharp of the Salt Lake Temple Presidency, and yours truly speaking. We felt a very gratifying spirit there as we took family names through for an endowment session.

The following day at the reunion, we had our usual presentation of Farr family history subjects and the family picnic. We owe much to Scott and Bruce Lloyd who obtained the building, the visual aids and picnic site for us. Also, we owe our thanks to the class teachers: Marcia Nelson talked about Aaron Farr and offered her excellent book on Aaron for sale at the reunion. Aaron is getting more representation and we are very happy about it. Wilma Smith and her daughter, Claudia Keyworth, did an admirable job of representing Winslow Farr Jr. again and also had books for sale. I represented Lorin Farr and enjoyed talking about his family. We also have a new booklet available on Lorin and his extended family. Please see website to order.

Barta Heiner once again did a fine job representing the sisters, Olive and Diantha. (Sharon Jeppson is working on a biography about Diantha.) Tim Farr and his sister, Karen Kauer, gave a wonderful presentation on family research, our DNA program and how we as a family can participate in research. They also came out with a wonderful wheel-style pedigree chart, showing our family lines from Winslow and Olive Farr. They spent endless hours correcting mistakes on our old chart and making this new attractive chart available. You may order it directly from the website. We also appreciated Dean Hunter, one of our professional researchers, presenting a class.

We were fortunate to have Harold Armstrong there to sign family members up to do downline research. We so appreciate his efforts.

Renee Warner and Karen Gall handled the sale and distribution of family items. They helped us immensely by collecting donations and selling items to keep us solvent. It was a financially precarious year for us, with the large cost for the monument and ongoing research costs.

We had the privilege of reprinting over 100 books of Lorin Farr, Pioneer, by T. Earl Pardoe. We completely sold out. If you did not get the opportunity to order and would like a copy of the book, See the order form on this website where you can order directly from our publisher.

I hope I haven't missed anybody. It was a great event and I appreciate those of you who came to support us.